Rondo Dwarf Galago

The secretive and almost extinct Rondo Dwarf Galago is still a regular visitor of the Pugu Hills Nature Centre. At night from your bed in the banda you may hear it calling.


Galagoides-rondoensis The Pugu Hills Nature Centre introduces to you its most secretive and rare resident the Rondo Dwarf Galago. Although included as Animal of the Week the exceptional presence of the rare primate so close to Dar es Salaam deserves some more attention.


First we like to emphasise that it is a threatened species which is still surviving in the area and that photographing and spotting of the Rondo should not disturb the miniature-primate. The Pugu Hills Nature Centre will not be adequate for its survival it is even a question if saving and regeneration of the Pugu Forest which has an estimated 1km2 of natural forest left (comparable to the mangrove forest between Morogoro Street crossing the Msimbazi at Muhimbili and Selander Bridge), will be adequate for a healthy group of  Dwarf Galagos. With too few individuals left, inbreeding will eventually weaken the group beyond recovery.

The nocturnal life of the Galagos (Bus Baby) may be an important advantage in the urban environment, but without a (Pugu) Forest the Rondo Galago will not survive. This in contrast to other bush babies who still survive in peri-urban and rural environment. We have not yet managed to learn more about the Rondo Dwarf Galago, their numbers, families and range of Territories and welcome scientist to come and study the Rondo on the premises and share their data with us. Some information about the Rondo is available on the internet, like the report "Primates in Peril"

A website in Sweden dedicates a page to the Rondo Dwarf Galago, from which we copied the photograph. The squirrel-like nightly sounds you can hear from the banda or tent are included in this article (below). Andrew Perkins provides a range of calls recorded in Pugu, each representing a different mood of the Rondo Dwarf Gallago. On this page we include the most familiar "social cohesion" call and an alarm "call".

The endangered miniature primate the Rondo Dwarf Galago can be heard at night from the banda and tent at Pugu Hills Nature Centre.



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