Reforestation of Pugu Forest

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Pugu Hills Nature Centre is the test ground for regeneration of the Pugu Forest. In the absence of a fence around the Centre some few trees have been illegally cut on the property since 1994 but perhaps more biomass has been added as a result of the fenceless free movement of ground dwellers who will have brought seeds to the area and fertilise it?

The aerial photograph of 1995 (November) compared with the Google Earth images of July 2004, June 2010 and July 2014 shows the forest regeneration of the Pugu Forest at the Pugu Hills Nature Centre. Even the Pugu Forest Reserve which starts at the upper left corner of the images has benefited from our efforts to discourage illegal cutting of trees in the areas.

aerial_photograph_1995 Aerial Photograph Pugu Hills Nature Centre November 1995
aerial-image-pugu-hillls-7-2004 5 July 2004
aerial-image-pugu-hillls-6-2010 6 June 2010
aerial-image-pugu-hills-7-2014 (9 July 2014