Regular Walking in Pugu Forest Cuts Risks of Cardiovasculair Disease

A recent 12-year study at the University of Cambridge (UK) concludes "inactivity" is killing twice as many people than obesity. Which does not mean that obesity should not be reduced. During the 12 year study in Europe 7.5% more death were counted among the inactive group compared to 3.6% of the obesity group as compared to the control group.

The article advices 20 minutes of "brisk walking" every day.

The Pugu Forest is an excellent opportunity for "brisk" physical exercise. Although we did have an occassional guest running every weekend through the Pugu Forest, it is advisable to start modestly, bring lots of water and arrange for a guide in the village. Starting with the water reservoir is a first test hike which can gradually be expanded. Do not forget to contact the Forest Authority for obtaining a permit.