Nature and Health

The human body thrives best in the environment it is made for and being active in the way it has been build for during a long selection process of more than 200,000 years. It is only the last 10,000 years we have started to change our lifestyle away from our natural lifestyle that of a hunter and gatherer.

In Tanzania the majority of people still live a natural, active life especially in rural areas and many elderly villagers are extremely fit compared with the growing urbanised middle class. The daily chores of the shamba, the distances to be covered by foot for collecting water, firewood and other basic needs, are a burden but with adequate nutritious food the healthy body is capable of providing incredible energy and also able to protect against many diseases common in more urbanised areas.

outdoor-children-pugu Fitness and sports are not only physical necessities in an urban environment also the mind seems to benefit from a physically healthy body. The need for outdoor activities especially for children to grow healthy minds and bodies is an even more urgent necessity in the Age of Facebook, videogames and Television which can become a daily routine of the children and a lifestyle where the human body is not made for.

Under the heading "Nature and Health" relevant articles on the subject will be selected for proving our case that Nature, fitness, health and an active mind are all basic ingredients of human well-being.