Important Government Policy Change for Saving Pugu Forest

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In a recent interview (2011) the director of the Forest and Beekeeping Division (Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism), Dr. Felician Kilahama, explained the new Government policy towards saving the coastal forests of Dar es Salaam. The change of policy is very encouraging and the resulting partnership between the Government NGOs and the private sector in saving the Pugu Forest, has been the main objectives of the Pugu Hills Nature Centre in its efforts to halt the ongoing destruction of the Pugu Forest Reserve during the last 20 years.

Under the new policy of the Government, NGOs and the private sector (Pugu Hills Nature Centre) are invited to assist in the restoration of this valuable greenbelt for Dar es Salaam.

The role of the Pugu Hills Nature Centre will be to mobilise its guests, schools, the international community and the new urban youth of Dar es Salaam to join in developing Nature Trails in the small patches of forest left. Activities will include planting of trees, training of guides and through the trails, increase of the interest in Nature and environmental friendly activities in the Pugu Forest, thus gradually eliminating destructive and illegal mining of charcoal and sandstone which is still taking place. The few Forest patches left for accommodating a Nature Trail are very limited and if the trail is not established soon together with the immediate elemination of the ongoing illegal clearing, the launching of the  Trails may require to be postponed some decade or more until there has any Nature recovered from the looming complete removal of all tall trees which are required to provide shade for the Nature Trails.

In order to regulate the tree planting and involvement of the volunteers, conservationists and anybody willing to contribute, an overall regeneration plan will need to be put in place. The "friends of pugu" through their contacts and in close cooperation with the Ministry are expected to propose such a plan for approval and implementation. But time is limited, even this coming rainy season (April 2012) planting should start and test plots established.

In an 1:33 min. interview, the Director of the Forest and Beekeeping Division Dr. Felician Kilahama summarises the new policy in the restoration efforts of the coastal forests of the Coast Region. The interview has been extracted from the TFCG video with the title" Changamoto za uhifadhi wa misitu ya pwani". (Conservation Challenge of the Coastal Forests"). The full TFCG video (2011) in Kiswahili can be seen on youtube.



Interview Dr. Kilahama Interview (2011) with Dr. Felician Kilahama about the new Government policy aiming at conservation of the Coastal Forests of Dar es Salaam including Pugu Forest.


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