Nature at Pugu

Pugu is at the frontline of an expanding metropolis and a retreating natural forest habitat which used to extend to the airport according to some reports (Mogo Forest). It is claimed that in the 1950s elephants, hippos, lions and other major mammals were still roaming around. This seems quite possible with the last siting of a lion in 2011 at the Pugu Hills Centre border with the forest.

The main reasons for having the relatively green hills so close to the Dar es Salaam city centre is the lack of accessible groundwater which has discouraged settlement in the area and the creation of the Pugu Forest Reserve which has to some extend delayed settlement in the area. The forest has been under immense pressure due to the charcoal demand in the multi-million town. The nature left, considering the almost complete destruction of the forest is surprising and perhaps enough to recover and regenerate under the concerted efforts of all ""green forces"" of Dar es Salaam.