The Route Description to Pugu Hills

Route Description

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Route Description to Pugu Hills Nature Centre (for download of route description click here)

  1. Some 200 metres after the turn off to Dar es Salaam international airport take the road to Kisarawe to the right.

  2. Follow this road for 11.0 kilometres you enter the village of Pugu Kajiungeni at the two road bumps with the primary school and dispensary on your right.

  3. Downhill into the village you will find a sealed road to the left direction Chanika (there is only one sealed road to the left in the village) at the right side of the junction is a filling station without a nomination

  4. 850 metres after turning to the left you take the dirt road to the right. There is a house with a blue roof at the branch off. The dirt road is before the railroad crossing. In case you find the road only passable for 4WD, go back to tar road and take the next road to the right at the hardware shop (cement blocks etc.) until you reach crossing described below.

  5. After some 300 metres take the dirt road to the right (the first clear dirt road). If you miss this junction you end up in the village along the TAZARA railway line from Dar es Salaam to Zambia.

  6. After a kilometre you will leave the hamlet and end up at a bamboo bar over the road. Before you reach the bamboo bar you will see the forest and the Nature Centre ahead of you. Please open the bar yourself and continue until you follow the sharp turn to the right (some 100 metres). If you miss the turn off you end up in the sandstone quarry.

  7. You reach the iron bar over the road, the gate of Pugu Hills. Please use your car horn to alert the staff who will come down and open the gate for you.

  8. In case of any doubt about your whereabouts after leaving the tar road, it sometimes helps to ask a by-passer the road to "bwana kiki" (Mr. Kik),

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GPS coordinates for the GPS are:


 39° 6'35.06"E