Trash from Pugu Forest

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Last Updated on Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:17
Written by Pugu Hills
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Trash from the Primeval Pugu Forest to become Trash Art Work at Centre

The video of the "Majestic Plastic Bag" (click here) shows that not only physical destruction (like charcoal production) is threatening our Nature but also our waste is suffocating and obstructing natural processes and space with adverse effects on our environment.

The Pugu Hills Nature Centre could even become responsible through the promotion of hiking in the remaining patches of primeval forest at Pugu for intensified littering of plastics and trash, which is presently only practised by the illegal charcoal burners.

We are convinced that by promoting hiking the whole purpose of this unique forest will be changed from illegal mining of natural resources to a green zone for recreational and non-invasive use and recovery of the forest. To make a difference from present practices all our guest need to respect the rules valid for any Nature Reserve which are summarised by the slogan "To Leave it Like You Found It (or even improve by REMOVING TRASH)", which addition solicits your assistance to restore the original primeval forest by removing plastic and other trash which do not belong to Nature.


We have therefore introduced the collection of trash from the Pugu Forest as a routine for the hikes. The guide will carry a bag for collection of plastics which are found on the way. Most dominant are PVC water bottles and polyethylene plastic bags left by the charcoal burners.

In case you bring any consumables into the forest please let the guide help you with taken the remains Out Of the Forest Again!. Even better you can help him picking up whatever trash you see on the way which does not belong to and in Nature.

The collected plastics and the like are kept at the Centre and will be transformed into a Trash Artwork, to set an example to be followed by all our staff, visitors, government workers and perhaps at some stage even the Pugu Village itself, to reverse the presently ongoing uncontrolled littering in Dar es Salaam with plastics and make Pugu to an example community of cleanliness and responsible waste disposal.

We invite everybody to propose a design for the Art Work while the Pugu Hills central committee is still not decided. (the winning contribution will obviously receive some sort of price for which selection we may also need to organise a competition)