Tanzania Nr. 5 in the World

Tanzania Nr. 5 in the World

It is unfortunately not on the FIFA football ranking list but the top 10 countries with "greatest annual forest loss" between 2010 - 2015.

The 2015 FAO study "Global Forest resources assessment 2015 How are the world’s forests changing?" evaluates the trends in global forest loss and gain.


Comparing the pace of forest loss Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Paraguay, Myanmar and Argentina are eliminating their remaining forest in a more progress way followed by Tanzania which reduces its forests by 0.8% annually. In 120 years all forest will have disappeared under the current trend.

The good news is that the annual estimate of loss is down from 450,000ha per year which was a figure from 2002.

I hope the figures are reasonably accurate which based on these UN data would indicate that while deforestation in the period 2002 - 2010 was at a pace of 0.9% of the 2002 forest area, this has come down to 0.8% in 2010 to 2015. This will give us some 20 years more with some forest left and time to contemplate if this is really what we want and need for the future of Tanzania.