Hiking in Pugu Forest

Hiking and visits to Pugu Forest Resumed after 5 years!

bamboo valley pugu forest_reduced

The encouraging correction of the excessive fees for non-(Tanzanian) citizens for a visit to the Pugu Forest Reserve (and others) by the Tanzanian Government (2011) from 30usd per person to 10usd per person, has already renewed the interest in the Pugu Forest. We like to encourage especially our Tanzanian guests to visit the forest. The permit for Tanzanian citizens is 1,500 tsh. For details  on the rates read more...

We are convinced that in the end it will be the Tanzanian middle class who will make the difference to save the Pugu Forest, once a renowed plant diversity hotspot, for future generations.

Hopefully, this renewed interest after all these years of isolation from the Dar es Salaam community will contribute to the regeneration of the forest which is still reduced on a daily basis due to the illegal production of charcoal by some of the villagers who have settled around the forest.

Pugu Hills Nature Centre can assist in obtaining a permit for a hike. We have made an arrangement with the forest management that you can leave the fees at the Nature Centre and your permit will be collected during working days, while the forest office is normally closed during the weekend. We will charge a surcharge of 2usd per permit for organising your permit.

You can also make your own arrangement for visiting the forest either through contacting the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism or Mr. Mwanuo the Pugu Forest Manager who has an office in Kisarawe.

We visited the forest for the first time on February 12th, 2012. We were surprised by both negative but also positive impressions.