Chimbo and Dar View Point Hike (2 - 3 hours)

The "Chimbo" (Kiswahili for Quarry) hike includes a visit to the sand stone quarry on the edge of the Pugu Forest. On the way to the quarry a nice view of Dar es Salaam centre, the Indian Ocean, the footballl stadion and other major features can be seen on a clear day.
The surprisingly steep pugu hills in the flat coastal plains of Dar es Salaam  are formed by sand stone. Although the stone produces a poor quality aggregate, sandstone mining is of growing economic importance in the Pugu area. It is claimed that the average income from the sales of the aggregate, knocked out after digging the stones out and breaking them to 3/4" to 1/2" aggregate is 6-7 usd per day, income which is higher than the casual labour rate which is 3 to 4 usd per day. Sandstone_quarry
Extending the Chimbo hike will bring you to Kisarawe district town (3-4 hours). Where the last section still passes along the last remaining forest patches. You can either take the daladala which the guide can arrange or walk back over the main road from Kisarawe to Pugu (4-5 hours) last patches of forest
A longer loop is possible by going in southern direction just before reaching Kisarawe and head for Kazimzumbwi "Forest" up to the railroad line and with the assistance of the guide find your way back to Pugu Hills through the Kipawe area. Kipawe is the name of the area close to the airport where 3,000 houses were demolished for expansion and the "new" Kipawe is expected to accommodate these families.(6-8 hours) view_dar_es_salaam
The longest hike is around the Pugu Forest reserve, but few guest have managed so far. It is an area without roads but advisable to have a forest guard as escort (20usd). You will end in Kisarawe Town where you will be happy to climb in to the daladal for the remaining few kilometers back to Pugu Hills. many_hills_reduced