A short video why poor soils, poor environment etc. result in high biodiversity. (3:32)
Narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, this "mockumentary" video, hammers home the stark reality of California's plastic bag pollution situation. (4:00)
Dr. Felician Kilahama the director of the Forest and Beekeeping Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism summarises the new conservation policy towards the restoration of the Coastal Forests of Dar es Salaam including Pugu Forest.The policy foresees cooperation between the Government, Non-governmental organisations and the private sector (Pugu Hills Nature Centre). (1:34min)
The inevitable loss of the Pugu Forest and other more dramatic loss of nature in Tanzania leaves little hope for the future of this beautiful country especially at a time we may be at the doorstep of major industrial development. The BBC documentary "Overpopulated" (59:15min) provides hope also for Tanzania that the population pressure will stabilise at some point, allowing for descent development planning instead of damage control.

Pugu Hills and its benefits for students in high definition


Children spend 44 hours or more per week behind a screen indoors. Physically and mentally we were not created for this sedentary life. We have a responsibility to "get'm outside


Breakfast for the bush baby at Pugu Hills Nature Centre. The camera is held some 60 cm away from the treat, explaining the hesitation to feast by the rest of the troup. Let us hope the bush babies will still find a place to go with the exploding town of Dar es Salaam filling every valley, hill site and other spaces (2:53min)
Four toed elephant shrew at the gate of Pugu Hills Nature Centre (20 secs)
The Cove a shocking documentary of how Nature is continously destructed and the limitations of trying to stop the destruction. At least this film has some impact and even 5 years after its release it still mobilises conservationists and possibly the end the killing of dolphins by humans (1:31:23)
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