Nature Sounds Pugu

Birdsongs are most abundant at Pugu Hills and a logical starting point for an audio collection.



The most melodical bird at Pugu often mistaken for a jazzy and happy human visitor (December 23, 2011)
The flock of Retz Shrikes recorded at Pugu Hills in October 2011 retz_shrike
The bulbul song which is around at pugu most of the day all year round (at the end of the recording the frog like sound of a turaco is heard) common bulbul



The cute little Green backed Camaroptera comes very close to humans possibly too small to be eaten(December 26, 2011) common bulbul
The endangered miniature primate the Rondo Dwarf Galago can be heard at night from the banda and tent at Pugu Hills Nature Centre.

Caught by the microphone of the video camera but not in the lense this reddish? bird visiting Pugu Hills in November 2010 is for the time being without a name.

(One month later....) Josephine helped me out. Determination from images is still feasible with some spare time but where to start on the internet with a sound file?? The memory of the "reddish" bird flashing by was not too bad now we found a name for the mistery bird "white browed robin chat" (Cossypha heugliniI)

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