Insects is a "class" within the Anthropods (jointed feet). They have a three-part body, three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and two antennae. Apart from the buttterfly the insects are not too popular, but include more than half of all known living organisms on the world. At Pugu Hills Nature Centre the number of butterflies is amazing but also other insects can be surprisingly colorful and interesting.

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027A major threat for the botanical gardenAcraea_sp-Pugu-LR1After the feastAxiocerses_Pugu-LR2Beetle on flowering papyrusButtterfly_Pugu_HillsCategory Art or NatureDragon Fly at PoolFind butterflyGraphium_philonoe-Pugu-LR1Injured water scorpionIoalaus_Pugu-TZ-LR1Lycaenid_Pugu-TO-ID-LR1Some plants brought from far and kept alive with major efforts are not surviving these visitsSpotted-sylph-Pugu-LR1after some short rains butterflies are there dec. 2008big buggreen_waspred_dragon_flyreduced catterpillartwo butterflies on blossom Natal Wild Pear