Pugu Hills is well worth a visit as it always turns up something good

PUGULICIOUS- PUGU HILLS. Feb. 23RD.- 24th 2013.

Headed out to Pugu Hills Lodge with Neil and Jude to catch up with Tony Evans.

Not much about in the evening but good views of Mottled Spinetail were had along with a Garnett’s Bush Baby and a beautiful Green Mamba.

square-tailed-drongo A good evening ensued but early to bed for a dawn start. We got away as the sun came up and hiked into the forest (or whats left of it ). Square -Tailed Drongo’s were noisy and plentiful but not much else about,
 chestnut-froted-helmet-shrike-jef then we came across a party of Chesnut-Fronted Helmet Shrikes which hung about for a good while and gave us excellent views, sadly it was a quiet time of year for the Forest.


black-chested-eagle-jef Dark Backed Weavers and Olive Sunbirds were seen and a pair of Black -Chested Snake Eagles gave a good display.

We arrived back at the Lodge very hot and thirsty so a swim in the lovely pool was just the job !

photo-j-jarvis-little-yellow-flycatcher After a reviving coffee and a good breakfast we came across a small bird feeding party in the bush around the Lodge and saw Little-Yellow Flycatcher,

Paradise Flycatcher and great views of Yellow-Streaked Greenbul (looked like a giant Green-Backed Camoptera!) so this rounded things off very well ! We made it back to Dar in record time ( 40 mins). Well in time to watch Chelsea and Ireland both lose!

Pugu is well worth a visit as it always turns up something good.

(from Jez in Africa)