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A simple concept

In a complex environment - on the outskirts of a booming Metropolis

The Pugu Hills Nature Centre is a six hectare plot of regenerating forest. The centre is situated on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, some 12 km from the international airport.

Most of our guest come for hiking or to spend a night in the bush. Just relaxing and enjoying the nature pool and restaurant is an other option, preferred by others.

We have a small private place and booking for Pugu Hills is necessary both for overnight stays and day visits.


Pugu Hills is bordering the Pugu Forest Reserve, one of the last patches of the East African coastal forest, once a hotspot of biodiversity.

The centre could become a memorial of this unique belt of forests which stretched from Somalia to Mozambique, if the remaining forest patches continue to succumb to the demand for charcoal.

We handed over (back) the management of our Nature on the premises to "NATURE" itself. Monkeys, bush babies, shrews including ourselves have been busy since 1994 to regenerate the remnants of the Pugu Forest on our property after it was cleared for maize farms in the 1970s. Some parts of the premises have not been visited by humans for 20 years now, in order to give Nature even more leeway to reconstruct "Nature" after being harmed by the short lived agricultural adventure.

Many trees indigenous to the Pugu Forest are slowly recovering, including the endemic Millettia Puguensis a giant corkscrew-like climber.

The predominant construction material used for the centre is bamboo. A fast growing member of the grass family which becomes mature in 5 years time.

Several other building techniques based on local available and durable, beautifully blending materials have been applied in the construction of the Centre.


Hiking in the Pugu Hills is the major attraction with various options ranging from a short 1K Hike on the premises, a visit to one of the largest cattle markets in Africa to a panoramic climb in the hills. If you want to test your fitness a gruelling six hills hike is an option, but only completed by few.

To visit the Forest Reserve a government fee is paid in addition to the fees for the centre, which can be arranged through the staff. Your visit to the forest and interest in its conservation may contribute to preserving this unique coastal forest for future generations.

Relaxing at the nature pool may be more what you are planning, some guest drive up to the pugu hills for a good meal.

Your visit can be extended by booking one of the four bandas or by pitching your tent. All visitors (day visit, accommodation and camping) are kindly requested to book in advance.

Due to the private character, Pugu Hills Nature Centre can only be visited by guests with a booking.