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The Cove a revealing docu-drama about Nature Conservation and its challenges.

Although the image at the left, offers a radical and fast-track solution for getting Nature back on its feet, the real-world requires a more long term and sophisticated approach.

Nature is still losing ground but "the Cove" may prove an example project which finally can achieve its goal - and be replicated for addressing other destructive human activities. The project has been able to create increasing interest in the developments in the Taiji Cove up to present (five years after the release of the documentary) The ultimate stop to the slaughter in the Taiji Cove through the mobilisation of thousands can work at other fronts of the battle against human destruction of its own habitat.


The documentary "The Cove" shows our shared responsibility and often innocent support for the destruction of biodiversity "by not knowing". It shows the impact of what our seemingly harmless human hobbies and joy can inflict. It shows the conspiracies behind destructive economic interests often covered-up by respected international fora, institutions and organisations which may have been established for achieving the opposite of what is actual pursuit.

Most frightening in my opinion is the amount of voluntary work and resources required to make a difference, only affordable for some few of us. Are these personal projects with strong emotional drives for change the only way or are state institutions and non-governmental organisations able to help turn the tide?


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